1870 Hamilton 30c Black

Alexander Hamilton, the Federalist

1879 Hamilton 30c
1879 Hamilton 30c

This stamp honors Alexander Hamilton. The stamp shown is the 1879 version of the original 1870 issue.

Alexander Hamilton was born either in 1755 or 1757 in Charlestown, Nevis (an island in the Caribbean).

Hamilton was Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury.

He believed in a strong national (federal) government and formed the Federalist party consisting of like-minded people.

He also founded the first national bank, which is probably a major reason he is depicted on the $10 bill.

Hamilton promoted a Constitution to replace the weak Articles of Confederation. He wrote most of the Federalist Papers which are still used today to help interpret the ideas in the Constitution.

Hamilton helped Jefferson defeat Aaron Burr for the presidency. This and other interactions caused friction between Hamilton and Burr which eventually led to Burr challenging Hamilton to a duel. Burr shot and fatally wounded Hamilton who died the day after the duel on July 12, 1804.

Hamilton is the first Secretary of the Treasury honored on a U.S. postage stamp. He has been depicted on at least 4 stamps to date.