About the U.S. Stamp Catalog

What Will You Find Here?

Welcome! I’m Gary, creator of the catalog.

This U.S. Stamp Catalog is really my personal collection of used U.S. stamps, with a few exceptions. I started many years ago when I was about 13, I think. It was my introduction to the world of philately.

The main difference between this catalog and the analog book type is that this one doesn’t use a numbering system, except for 19th century stamps. I hope to expand on my numbering system as time goes on.

The book catalogs (like those published by Scott) are by far the most popular reference materials, but they don’t let you use their numbers in your own catalog without special permission. I have decided not to seek such special permission for this site.

Stamps are listed here by type (regular postage, airmail, etc.), by year of issue, and by denomination. Some are also grouped together in sets – which once in a while span several years. You’ll get a better idea of what I mean as you look through the Lists.

Why Do I Collect and Display Used vs Mint Stamps?

Used stamps, which make up almost all of my collection, are easier to acquire for most people because they are virtually always cheaper. That was my main reason for collecting used stamps.

A related reason is that the supplies needed to keep mint stamps in mint condition are more expensive than those used with used stamps. In other words, you can lick a cheap hinge and stick it to the back of a used stamp, but to preserve the gum on the back, you slip mint stamps into relatively costly hingeless mounts when adding them to your album.

There are other sites that display postage stamps, but none that show the exact copies I own. That makes this site special, unique. Not every stamp here is in perfect condition. Not every picture is in perfect focus. I rather like that. It gives it a personal feel.

Are Stamps Shown in Chronological Order?

You can’t really go through my entire collection here sequentially by clicking from one post to the next. The best way to see stamps in mostly chronological order is by using the Lists menu.

Maybe someday I’ll try to make the collection easier to navigate, but the way it currently is setup will have to do for now. Sorry about that.

What Else Can You Learn about US Postage Stamps here?

Each post that shows a stamp has at least a little bit of information about that stamp in addition to its picture. My intent is to increase that amount of information as I have time and wherever it seems appropriate. After all, there’s only so much information about George Washington and Benjamin Franklin that’s fit to include here along with the multitude of posts about the many issues dedicated to them.

I’ve learned a lot over the years from collecting U.S. stamps and want to share that knowledge with you. I hope you’ll take time to discover something new via stamps and will tell someone else what you found too.