Are These Different Stamps or Not?

I’m Not Sure, So What Do You Think?

Thanks for taking a couple minutes to help me out here.

See the poll over there on the right side of the page? I’d appreciate it if you take it. You can select as many answers as you think appropriate, but you do have to select them all at once. You only get to submit your vote one time. Try not to let others’ responses sway your choices.

Below I try to give you examples of the types of stamps asked about in the poll. Unfortunately, I don’t have good specimens of each stamp, so I either had to leave some out or include rough facsimiles.

Same Design, Different Perforations

This is one of those I don’t have a good pair to show. You’ll have to use your imagination a little. What if the stamp shown below had a different number of holes down the left and right sides in the same amount of space as the one shown? Would you consider them different stamps? If so, select the first answer as one of your choices in the poll.

1895 Sherman 8c

Same Design, No Perforations on One

Again, only one stamp to show you. If this stamp, which has no perforations (you had to cut them apart with scissors) did have perforations like the one above, would it be a different stamp?

1855 Washington 3c

Same Design, Bluish Paper for One

One of these has been altered (“shopped”) by me. Can you tell which? If they were both real, would they be different stamps?

1908 Franklin 1c

Paper Type

Then comes the question for which showing stamps would make no difference at all, so I won’t. Some stamps are printed on stiffer paper and others on softer paper. You can only tell the difference by feeling them. Kinda tough to do on a computer. Would you consider them different stamps, if the design were the same?

USR1908 1c Fake Bluish

Different Colors

Same design but obviously different colors. Same stamp? (Ignore the straight edge on the green one. Doesn’t matter.)

1898 Franklin 1c
1895 Franklin 1c

Similar Colors

How about these two? One is green; the other is bluish green. In every other way, including perforations, they’re the same – despite what your screen may be telling you. (Edit: The poll refers to shades of red rather than green, but the idea is the same.)

1879 Washington 3c
1881 Washington 3c

Minute Differences

Sometimes you need a magnifying glass to see the differences in design. If there are such differences, are they then different stamps? If the stamp below had tiny changes in the triangular areas in the upper corners, then what?

1894 Washington 2c

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